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Winter Inspections
March 13th, 2019 5:25 PM
Winter Appraisal Inspections:

I cover several counties.  All are in South Central Colorado.  There is a myriad of climates.  I am located in the San Luis Valley.  This is the highest desert in the nation, and it is typically very cold all winter.  This can make for difficult drives and tough on site inspections.  There are other areas such as Huerfano County (Walsenburg, CO) and Las Animas County (Trinidad, CO).  I cover these areas, which are not far away, but much warmer, and typically see less snow.  The problem is to access these areas I still have to travel over a mountain pass.  This is the same for Chaffee and Archuleta Counties (Buena Vista, Pagosa Springs & Salida, CO).  Travel becomes difficult in the winter, as we are all a victim of the weather.  I consider myself hardier than most and will travel under pretty difficult circumstances,  but at times I have to admit defeat and reschedule.

I hate making the call to say.  "I can't come and have to reschedule."  95% of the time most people/contacts are very nice and understanding.  Every once in a while I run into a special individual that has to have it now!  I won't risk my safety for an appraisal.  I understand that your transaction depends on my appraisal, but if I'm not around to inspect it or type it.  There won't be any transaction at all.  

Since Colorado is popular and there are limited rural appraisers I am very booked.  I typically like to get the inspections done as close to the time I receive the orders as possible.  This does two things.  One, it allows for a buffer for inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances.  This way it will not effect your appraisal due date if we have to reschedule for a few days later.  Two, if I am able to look at your property on the original inspection date.  If a cancellation arises or another appraisal gets put on hold.  I will already have your inspection done and appraisal ready to type.  This means I may be able to get it done sooner.

All variables are taken into account before I even accept your appraisal order, so please rest assured that if bad weather arises and we have to reschedule.  This will not effect the agreed upon due date that was established with your lender.

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Picture of 03/11/2019 Snow Storm Twitter

Eric Cook 
Accurate Appraisal Partners
Del Norte, CO

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